Affordable Home Rewiring in Glendora!

How old is the residential wiring inside your Glendora home? If you don’t know, there are a few ways to check. Take a look at the electrical sockets inside your Glendora home. Are they two-pronged? Do you always have to use a three-prong adapter to plug in modern technology? If so, then you might need to get a house rewire. That may sound complicated, but relax, the experts just around the corner at My Glendora Electrician Hero are here to help.

Old Homes Have Old Wires

Older homes in Glendora were wired for electronics that used half, or less, the amount of electricity that modern appliances use today. So, if you have broken and old Knob and Tube wiring inside your home, you could be dealing with a potential fire hazard. Having those two-pronged, ungrounded sockets means that there’s an electrical shock hazard for you and your family. Older residential wiring methods like using cloth wrapped Romex wiring and Aluminum wiring also create hazards.

That’s why  home rewiring makes sense. We offer the best  electricians who are experts in home rewiring in Glendora, CA and can do it without making life difficult for you.

We Won’t Leave You In the Dark

First, you should know that a total house rewire can take a few weeks. Before you panic, though, realize that we do not have to shut off the power inside your home. Instead, we go room by room and replace the wiring behind the walls.

No Wall Tear Downs

That means that we work behind the walls and do not have to tear them down to get to the wiring behind them. We remove the wiring through holes drilled in the wall and then feed the new wires in behind the walls. Thus, a major construction project is not necessary.

Affordable, Reliable, Insured

We are licensed, bonded and insured. We are legendary for our affordable, emergency electrical contractor work in Glendora. In fact, our prices and customer service have made us the number one licensed electrician in Glendora. We show up on time, with honest and friendly electricians who know how to properly rewire a home.

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